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NFT Migration

Our dev team has been striving to provide NFT holders with a better, more secure, and more sustainable environment for a long time. For this aim, they implemented a better, future-proof and upgradeable contract for Braindom NFT collection. However, this switch entails migration of current NFT collections. It is a technical imperative so that contracts will also improve calibration and harmony with new games and their NFTs.

In order to migrate your Braindom NFT(s), please review the following guide:

How to Migrate

Step 1: Connect your wallet and switch your network to “Ethereum Mainnet (ETH).”

Step 2: Click “Display My Brian NFTs” below and ensure all your NFTs are listed.

Step 3: Click “Migrate All” to start the migration process.

Step 4: Approve the transaction fee for “Set Approval” process in your wallet.

Step 5: Approve the transaction fee for “Migration” in your wallet (All transaction costs for migration will be covered by Braindom Team until Jan 15! From this date on, NFT holders will cover the transaction fees.)

Note: During the NFT migration process, some wallets might be asked to approve the transaction fee a second time. If so, approve it to continue the process. “Ethereum Mainnet (ETH).”

Step 6: Wait for the Confirmation Notice at the bottom of the page, then you are done! “Ethereum Mainnet (ETH).”

Step 7: If you encounter a timeout (due to ETH network) you can refresh the page and safely restart the process. “Ethereum Mainnet (ETH).”

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